Using Zines in Schools

I wrote this piece as part of an academic conference workshop where I tried to show other college writing professors and K-12 language arts teachers what zines have to offer students and how teachers and professors might bring them into their classrooms. Alongside the presentation—of which this was a part, workshop participants tried their hand at creating zines. I reprint this piece here knowing that folks who read Indie Creator Explosion aren’t the primary audience. I am sure that you know much more about zines than I get into here. Still, you might not know how or why a college professor or K-12 writing teacher would be interested in them or what folks in academia might be doing with them. I get into a bit of that here.

Fanzines about Small-Press Comics

Below I list U.S. publications that focused most of their coverage on small press, independent, and/or minicomics and their creators from the early 1970s to today. This list does not include publications that featured only artwork or strips, though some of them include comics. The publications on the list featured news, interviews, ads, reviews, con reports, and columns on small press and independent comics. Oftentimes, they also included articles on how to create, publish, and distribute comics.