Don’s Work


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Words and Smiles #4, May 2020

Words and Smiles 4 zine cover

Features pieces about San Diego Comic Fest 2020, what it’s like to be a professor, my experiences at World Pride/Stonewall 50 in NYC, and various other tidbits.

Boyfunk #2.5, June 2003

Boyfunk 2.5 zine cover

Created for the Portland Zine Symposium 2003; I was on a Queer Zinester panel w/ Nicole Georges of Invincible Summer and Larry Bob of Holy Titclamps/Queer Zine Explosion.

Words and Smiles #3, Aug. 1993

Words and Smiles zine 3 cover

Features interviews with Crayon, Molly Neuman of Bratmobile, and Unwound, among other things. Written as I was heading to college in Albany, NY.

Boyfunk #2, Feb. 2003

Boyfunk zine 2 cover

Lots of creative writing in this issue: I was knee deep in my undergraduate work. Yes, despite the 10 year gap between WaS #3 and BF #2, I hadn’t yet finished.

Words and Smiles #2, Dec. 1992

Words and Smiles zine 2 cover

Features interviews with Pansy Division, Sebadoh, Bill from Pop Narcotic Records, and many others. The most music focused issue of the bunch.

Boyfunk #1, Nov. 2003

Boyfunk zine 1 cover

My first queer punk zine. At one point I had the misguided notion that gay guys needed something like riot grrrl. Interesting, but misguided to say the least. I got alot of shit for this zine in general but for this cover specifically. It’s a drawing of a Robert Mapplethorpe photo, so fuck off. Also, this reproduction doesn’t do the drawing justice.

Words and Smiles #1, May 1992

Words and Smiles zine 1 cover

Lots of homages to riot grrrl. Chock full of teen angst. Written at the end of my junior year of high school. This zine is about claiming some space for one’s self.

Writing Networks for Social Justice, Oct. 2017

4C4E zine cover

My first attempt to bring my zine work together with my scholarly work. I put this zine together with Liz Lane, and it features a lot of work by other scholar-activists.

Sand Box Brats 1, Jan. 1993

Sand Box Brat zine cover

Another riot grrrl inspired effort. This time I got a group of high school friends together to contribute pieces about the trials and tribulations of being a teenager.


Weekly comics coming June 2020.

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