Fanzines about Small Press Comics (Updated)

Back in June I posted a list of fanzines about small press comics. I’ve added a few more entries to the list. I’ve also added a list of comics zines and magazines that include information about small press and indie comics, but also devote a lot of attention to the “Big 2” (Marvel & DC)Continue reading “Fanzines about Small Press Comics (Updated)”

Fanzines about Small-Press Comics

Below I list U.S. publications that focused most of their coverage on small press, independent, and/or minicomics and their creators from the early 1970s to today. This list does not include publications that featured only artwork or strips, though some of them include comics. The publications on the list featured news, interviews, ads, reviews, con reports, and columns on small press and independent comics. Oftentimes, they also included articles on how to create, publish, and distribute comics.

Small Press Comics News Sources

Below you’ll find a list of print and online resources that should tithe you over in between reading and making comics. Each of the resources provides intelligent information about comic books, comic creators, and the craft of comics/cartooning.

Note: I only include resources that devote a substantial portion of their coverage to indie creators. There are plenty of sites and social media accounts that focus on Marvel and DC. They don’t interest me in the slightest. If those publishers interest you, Google them.