More Comics Classes, More Pages

I just finished a short online class called “Cartooning for Beginners” with Josh Bayer through 92Y. He teaches a few classes for them. You can check out info about them here.

Class lengths vary. This one was only 3 weeks. For each session, Josh offered a short lecture with examples (topics included developing characters, developing a style, and inking). Then, he’d lead a demo, and we would sketch based on the demo while he provided individual feedback. While my class with Carl Potts through the School of Visual Arts got me working on a contiguous story and turning in pages every week, I knew that class would be a struggle as I had never made comics before. Josh’s class allowed me to take a step back and experiment a bit more. I feel like developing my own style has been one of the biggest challenges, and I messed around with that a bit more through his class.

Before taking the class, I participated in a workshop by Josh and Hyena Hell through the Sequential Artists Workshop. In the workshop, the assignment theme was “Why I Am Punk.” I really began to experiment with styles through the assignment. Here’s what resulted from that workshop.

Why I Am Punk

For the first week we had to create a strip answering the question, “What Kind of Comics Do You Want to Make?” Here’s what I created.

What Kind of Comics Do You Want to Make?

For the second week we had to recount an experience or memory. Here’s my strip.

Gettysburg, 1980

In the final week, we had to create a cover image. I kinda copped out as I struggled with some thumbnails and couldn’t work out another cover. I completed one in Carl Potts class, so i submitted that for additional feedback. Here’s the cover for the first issue of my comic.

Words and Smiles cover image

Overall, I feel like I getting better at sequential storytelling, but I’m still feeling iffy about what my style is. I suppose I have one and that others can see it more clearly than I do. I start the 6-month Graphic Novel Writing Intensive course through the Sequential Artists Workshop on June 1, and I am retaking Carl Potts’ Comics Project Course through SVA starting June 10. It’s a lot for the summer, but as things reopen, all these opportunities for online classes will be going away, so i wanted to take advantage of them while I still can.

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