Drawtober & Inktober, Oct. 1-5

I decided to try to participate in both Drawtober and Inktober this year, so all my drawings are shaped by both themes. Drawtober’s themes run for 5-6 days, and Inktober themes change daily. Below you’ll find my drawings from Oct. 1 to Oct. 5. The Drawtober theme was “Carvings,” but I misread the calendar and worked with the second theme, “Wicked Apothecary.” The themes for each day are listed below each drawing.

Oct. 1: Wicked Apothecary & Fish
Oct. 2: Wicked Apothecary & Wisp
Oct. 3: Wicked Apothecary & Bulky
Oct. 4: Wicked Apothecary & Radio
Oct. 5: Wicked Apothecary & Blade

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