Fanzines about Small-Press Comics

Below I list U.S. publications that focus most of their coverage on small press, independent, and/or minicomics and their creators from the early 1970s to today. While magazines like The Comics Journal and Amazing Heroes have given a lot of attention to independent comics over the years, I didn’t include them here for two reasons. First, they also gave a lot of attention to the Big Two, and there are plenty of magazines in the 80s and 90s that could also be added to this list because they moved beyond the Big Two and gave coverage to indies particularly during the b&w boom. In other words, including TCJ and Amazing Heroes begins to blur the lines, which is great in one sense, but it makes a list like this impossible. Second, all the publications on this list were essentially self-published. While their creators often list publishing companies in their pub’s indicia, the zines, magazines, and newspapers were put together by a few people who weren’t making much money off the work. For example, Tim Corrigan lists C+T Graphics and later New Voice Media as the publishers for Small Press Comics Explosion and Small Press Creative Explosion respectively, but he did most of the work writing and distributing the publications himself. That said, The Comics Journal, Amazing Heroes, David Anthony Kraft’s Comics Interview, and many other publications from the 1980s and 1990s are definitely worth checking out, and I encourage you to do so.

Furthermore, this list does not include publications that featured only artwork or strips, though some of them include comics. It also does not include industry newsletters and guides, such as The Academy of Comic Book Arts Newsletter or The Aspiring Cartoonist. It also does not include zines that were part of amateur press associations (APAs). At some point, I will create separate lists for industry newsletters and APA zines about indie and small press comics, but that’s not this list.

The publications on the list featured news, interviews, ads, reviews, con reports, and columns on small press and independent comics. Oftentimes, they also included articles on how to create, publish, and distribute comics. 

The list is organized chronologically by year. For publications that are available online or are currently publishing, I include links.

NameCreatorYears PublishedTotal Issues
Comix World NewsletterClay Gerdes1973—1980143 (& specials)
City Limits GazetteBruce Chrislip1980—198615
Fandom TimesKevin Collier1984—198510
Fan SceneKevin Collier1984—19855
Quimby QuarterlyGeary Kaczoroski1985—198920*
Small Press Comics ExplosionTim Corrigan1986—1990vol 1=20
vol 2=8
GreedKurt Sayenga1986—19893
The Comic Book NewsletterJim Pack1986—198824*
Fandom ForumOlas Manns1986—19873
Alter Limits       Tim Jansonmid 1980s3*
Comics F/XThe Seattle 4:
Jeff Wood
Ed Vick
Hal Hargit
Wade Busby
Comix Talk            Kevin Collier19874*
Small Press Comix ObserverKevin Collier1987—????
Oh, No! Not Another Fanzine!Mike Leuszler1987??
Oh, No!Mike Leuszler
Olas Manns
late 1980s??
The Comicist         Jim Pack1989—199329*
City Limits Gazette ver 2 Steve Willis1991—199315*
PoopsheetRick Bradford1992—200021 (& specials)
Indy: The Independent GuideJeff Mason1993—199718
I Like Comics      Peter Bagge19931
White Buffalo GazetteCatherine Noel
Jeff Zenick
Lanerd Justin
Buzz Buzzizyk
aka Max Traffic
Destroy All ComicsJeff LeVines1994—19965
Crash: The Quarterly
Comic Book Review
Steve Solomos1994—19952*
Small Press ExpressElaine Oldhammid to late 1990s??
Comic Attractions Magazine        Fat Cat Studios1996—1998?4*
Small Press Creative Explosion        Tim Corrigan1997—19989*
Comic Book PublisherJoe Bagdon1997—????
Comixville: A Quick Little Guide
to Self-Published Comics   
Comixville Collective2002—20048*
Indy Magazine: The Source for Independent Comics Coverage
(PDF zine)
Bill Kartalopoulos2004—20052
Comics Comics
(print ed.)
T. Holder
Frank Santoro
Dan Nadel
Study Group MagazineZack Soto
Milo George
The Tiny ReportRobyn Chapman2013—20175
Comics Workbook Magazine
(print ed.)
Andrew White
Zach Mason
Frank Santoro
Copy This! (Copy That! as of #51)          D. Blake Werts2014—201960*
AltComics       Blaise Larmee2015—20175*
Indy Magazine: The Source for Independent Comics Coverage
(PDF zine)
Bill Kartalopoulos
Jeff Mason
Windy Corner Magazine        Austin English20163
But Is It Comic…Aht?Austin English2018—present2
Bubbles Fanzine         ??2019—present6 (& specials)
Strangers FanzineEddie Raymond2020—present2 (& specials)

* Denotes that I am not certain about the number of issues, but that the number listed was the last issue that I was able to locate. 

Special thanks to folks in the Cartoonist Kayfabe Ringside Seats Facebook group for helping me add titles and fill in some information.

If you want to see examples of these zines, cover photos for some of them are available on the Poopsheet Foundation’s Minicomics and Zine Database.

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