June 2020 Kickstarter Campaigns

I want to draw your attention to two awesome Kickstarter campaigns that are currently underway. I support both campaigns.

Octobriana Kickstarter logo

First, Jim Rugg has a campaign to fund his black-light comic book called Octobriana 1976. The comic features the devil woman as she battles robot Stalin. To learn more about the character and her history as a staple of Russian underground comix, check out this video.

You may know Rugg’s artwork from titles like Street Angel, Plain Janes, The Guild, and Afrodisiac. He’s also the co-producer of the comics-oriented YouTube channel, Cartoonist Kayfabe. On the channel, Rugg and Ed Piskor interview creators, discuss their creative processes, dig into comics and graphic novels that they dig, and discuss the state of the industry. In addition to supporting the Kickstarter campaign, I encourage you to check out the channel. Check it out soon as the campaign ends June 18 at 4 pm CDT.

Warlock 5 Kickstarter logo

Next, Outland Entertainment has a campaign going for a Warlock 5 Omnibus. You may remember Warlock 5 as a series published by Aircel Comics beginning in 1986. Written by Gordon Derry and illustrated by Denis Beauvais, the series deals with five characters who struggle for power of The Grid, the network that connects time and space across many universes. It sounds goofy, but it’s a great outlaw black and white comic that mixes sci-fi, fantasy, and punk rock. This Omnibus collects all 15 issues of the series that Derry and Beauvais worked on: the last two issues of which Aircel never published. The Kickstarter page links to PDFs for the first two issues of the series, so you can decide for yourself how awesome the comic book was. Check this one out soon, too. It ends on June 24 at 9:59 am.

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